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No. For any integer, you can add one to get an even greater integer.

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Q: Is there a greatest integer on the real number line?
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How do you find the greatest integer on a real number line?

You cannot, because there is no greatest integer. If you thought you had one, then move just one unit to the right and you will have an integer which is greater.

Is the greatest integer function x integrable over the real line?


What is an integer that is not a real number?

There is no integer which is not a real number.

What four kinds of numbers can be graphed on a number line?

Integer, rational and irrational numner, real number

Is - 22 a natural number or an integer or a real number?

It is not a natural number but it is an integer and a real number.

What is an integer that is a real number?

All integers are real numbers.

Which number is an integer a rational number and a real number?

Every integer is also a rational number and a real number.

Can 3.4 be an integer?

No, 3.4 is not an integer. It is a rational number and a real number, but not an integer.

Is -3 a real number and an integer?

Yes. An integer has no fractions and if you can write it, it's a real number!

Is zero real number?

Yes, zero is a real number. If you can plot it on a number line, it is real. It is also an integer, a whole number, a rational number, and could probably be designated as a few other types of numbers.

What number is both a real number and an integer?

Any integer is both.

Is 7 a real number rational number irrational number an integer or a whole number?

It is real, rational, integer and a whole number.It is not an irrational number nor an interger - there is no such thing!