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Letx = number of nickels

7x = number of dimes

7x (.10) + x (.05) = 3.75

.7x + .05x = 3.75

.75x = 3.75

x = 3.75/.75 = 5 nickels

7x = 35 dimes

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Q: Jimmy has seven times as many dimes as nickels. The total value equals 3.75. How many nickels does he have?
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Which is worth more seven inches of dimes or nine inches of nickels?

The dimes.The dimes.The dimes.The dimes.

How many nickels equal 7 dimes?

Two nickels equal the value of one dime, therefore fourteen (14) nickels would equal the value of seven (7) dimes.

How many coins are worth 1.45 if the coins are only in dimes and nickels?

You could have fourteen dimes and one nickel or twenty-seven nickels and one dime or any of the combinations in between. This problem needs to know the number of coins.

How many times can you make one dollar with seven coins?

3 quarters, 1 dime, 3 nickels 2 quaters, 5 dimes 1 Fifty Cent Piece, 4 dimes, 2 nickels 1 Fifty Cent Piece, 1 quarter, 5 nickels

How many ways can you make a dollar with 10 coins or under?

A dollar can be reached by adding coins together in the following ways, using ten coins or fewer: 1. A one-dollar coin. 2. Two half dollars. 3. One half dollar and two quarters. 4. One half dollar, one quarter, two dimes and one nickel. 5. One half dollar, one quarter, two dimes and five pennies. 6. One half dollar, one quarter, one dime and three nickels. 7. One half dollar, one quarter and five nickels. 8. One half dollar and five dimes. 9. One half dollar, four dimes and two nickels. 10. One half dollar, three dimes and four nickels. 11. One half dollar, two dimes and six nickels. 12. Four quarters. 13. Three quarters, two dimes and one nickel. 14. Three quarters, two dimes and five pennies. 15. Three quarters and five nickels. 16. Two quarters and five dimes. 17. Two quarters, four dimes and two nickels. 18. Two quarters, three dimes and four nickels. 19. Two quarters, two dimes and six nickels. 20. One quarter, seven dimes and one nickel. 21. One quarter, six dimes and three nickels. 22. Ten dimes. 23. One half dollar, one quarter, one dime, two nickels and five pennies

Has a quarter 7 dimes two nickels seven pennies?

7 dimes = 7*10 cents = 70 cents 2 nickels = 2*5 cents = 10 cents 7 pennies = 7*1 cents = 7 cents so the total is 87 cents.

How many dimes nickels and pennies make 1.15 with only 8 coins?

If a dime is worth 10, and a nickel is worth 5, then you only need SEVEN coins ! Six dimes and one nickel is all you need.

If you have twenty eight cents how many different combinations of coins could you have?

Seven combinations that I can come up with: two dimes a nickel and three pennies all pennies two dimes and eight pennies a quarter and three pennies five nickels and three pennies three nickels one dime and three pennies two nickels one dime and eight pennies

How many ways to make change for fifty cents?

You can use 5 dimes, 1 half dollar, 2 quarters, 10 nickels, 1 quarter 2 dimes and 1 nickle, 1 quarter 3 nickels and 1 dime. There are seven ways to make 50 cents without using pennies.

Seven nickels is what decimal part of a dollar?

Seven nickels is 35 cents. A dollar is 100 cents, so the nickels are 35/100, or 0.35 of a dollar.

How many dimes are in seven dollars and thirty cents?

73 dimes

Is seven dimes a fraction or percent of a dollar?

Actually, it is both. Seven dimes (70¢) = 70% of one dollar or 7/10 of one dollar.