Maths. what is to factorise?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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To factorise is to find the numbers that divide into the original number by only using prime numbers.

For example factorise 20 =

2 times 2 times 5

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Q: Maths. what is to factorise?
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How do you factorise in maths?

It is the opposite of Expanding The Brackets

How do you know whether it is possible to factorise a quadratic expression?

Look in an advanced maths book.Improved answer:-If the discriminant of the quadratic expression is less than zero then it's not possible to factor it.

What is factorise in maths?

When you factor a number, you break it down into factors that multiply up to the number. For example, 12=3x4. There is also prime factorize when you factor the number into primes. For example, 100=2^2x5^2.

What does factorise fully mean?

Factorise fully is when brackets are involved in the equation

How do you factorise a²-a?

a²-a = a(a-1)

How do you Factor 2x plus 1 to the 6 multiplied by 5x to the -3 plus 2x plus 1 to the 5 multiplied by 5x to the -4?

Type that into the Wolfram Alpha website. It's a maths website that will pretty much do anything to any maths function you require (e.g graph, factorise, integrate etc...) See related links for the website address - alternatively, Google "Wolfram Alpha" and it takes you straight there. Happy maths-ing!

How do you answer this year 9 Advanced Maths question Factorise the following expression. Simplify where necessary x in this question means the leter x - 7x squared plus 49x - 42?

7x2+49x-42 = 7(x2+7x-6)

What does it mean to factorise?

to put into brackets

How do you factorise 10X 5?

you do (245x)

How do you factorise a question that already has brackets?

The answer will depend on where the brackets are. In general the solution would be to expand all the brackets, combine like terms and then factorise.

How do we factorise (5x+15)/5?


How do you factorise 6t 12s?