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minimum width is like 10 cm and length is like 20 cm

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2009-03-21 06:44:30
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Q: Minimum width and length of penis?
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What is a thick penis size?

length and width are nearly the same.

What does not describe a Minimum Operating Strip MOS?

Never exceeds the minimum requirements for length and width

Is it normal to have a big penis when your 11?

It depends, how big is it? Length? Width? Shape?

Is it better to have a penis with length or width?

It is better to have a penis with both. Fortunately, the laws of physics mandate that it will always have both dimensions.

What are the dimensions of a mini football field in meters?

Minimum width: 18.30m (20 yards)Maximum width: 27.45m (30 yards)Minimum length: 27.45m (30 yards)Maximum length: 45.75m (50

How do you determine the maximum and the minimum values possible for the actual width and length of the book cover?

The answers depend on the tool with which you measure the width and length: W and L units. Find the smallest unit you can measure with the tool, e units. Then maximum width = W + e/2 units, minimum width = W - e/2 units, maximum length = L + e/2 units, minimum length = L - e/2 units.

When installing a minimum-length 15 meter lap pool in your home what is the absolute minimum width of the lap pool?


What is the difference between a fat penis and a big penis?

Some will consider them the same, but I think a fat one isn't necessarily long... just blessed in width. A big one I think would be blessed with a combo of both width and length, or at least length.

Health problems which may be caused by a lack of non starch polysaccharide?

Penis length and width reduction.

Does lying on your penis make it smaller?

No. This is a little myth that worries a lot of young men, but is a load of rubbish. Lying on your penis will not decrease its length or width.

If a room is 1000 sq ft what are the possible combinations measurements in feet for a rectangular room?

It depends on the definition of a room. What would the minimum width or length measurement be in a space, and still have it considered a room? With a minimum dimension to go off of, must the product of the width and length be exactly 1000 square feet? Must the width and length be in whole numbers?

What is the width and length of FIFA world cup soccer field?

"Length: minimum 90 m (100 yds) maximum: 120 m (130 yds) Width: minimum 45 m (50 yds) maximum: 90 m (100 yds)"

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