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a cylinder a cylinder

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Q: Name a solid figure that has only 2 faces?
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Name solid figure that has only two faces?

A cone

What solid figure only has two faces?

A cone

Witch solid figure has five faces?

A square or rectanglular pyramid are the only solid figures that have exactly five faces.

A solid figure that has only 2 faces?

a cone!, It has a top and a bottom

What is a solid figure that only has rectangular faces?

A rectangular prism or cuboid.

What solid figure is made of only triangular faces?

triangular cone

What is a solid figure that has 4 edges?

There is no solid figure with only four edges. The smallest solid figure is the tetrahedron, made up of four triangular faces, but it has six edges.

What solid figure has as a triangle base and 3 rectangular faces?

A 3D shape with one base and three faces can only have triangular faces.

Which solid figure has the fewest faces?

The tetrahedron has only four faces. A sphere has only one, but that's probably not what you meant since the surface of a sphere is curved.

How do you figure area of solid figures?

-- You can only do one solid figure at a time. -- Pick one solid figure to work on. -- Stare at it for a while. In your mind, look at all of its flat faces, even the ones you can't see in the picture. -- One at a time, write down the area of each flat face. -- When you have them all, add up all the areas of the flat faces. -- The sum of all the faces is the area of the whole solid figure. If you're doing this in the second grade, then you must be pretty smart. I'm proud of you.

What is a solid figure that has three rectangular faces called?

sorry, but there is no such shape, the only 3 faced shape would be a coin/cylinder

What is a figure with 5 faces 8 edges 4 corners?

Triangular pyramid. Only 4 faced solid.* * * * *True, it is the only 4 faced solid but the question is about a five faced solid, anyway!However, there is no simply connected solid with the above numbers becasue they do not satisfy the Euler characteristic. This requires that Faces + Vertices (corners) = Edges + 2