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The interior angles of a four-sided object always at to 360 degrees. Therefore, if you know the other three angles, the solution to the fourth angle is: Angle4 = 360 - (Angle1 + Angle2 + Angle3) or... Angle4 = 360 - Angle1 - Angle2 - Angle3

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Q: Ok so you have a four sided shape and iyou have 3 or the angles how do you work out the 4th angle HELP ME?
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Which 2-d shape has seven sides?

A heptagon is a7 sided 2D shape. Hope that will help

Two angles form a linear pair the measure of the smaller angle is one half the measure of the larger angle find the degree measure of the larger angle?

i want the answer of this question can someone help me

Calculate the number of sides of a regular polygon whose interior angles are each 156 degrees?

Exterior angle = 180-156 = 24 degrees Number of sides = 360/24 = 15 sides. If you can't remember the formula, then remember this to help figure it out: The regular polygon can be divided into triangles (like pizza slices). Each triangle is an isosceles triangle and all of them are congruent (since it's a regular polygon). Take one of the triangles: each of the 'leg angles' will be half of the polygon angle (the leg of the triangle has bisected the polygon angle). So these two angles will add together to be the same measure as the polygon angle (call it Ap). So the other angle in the triangle is in the center and all these pizza slice angle make a circle in the middle (360°). Since the triangle sums to 180°, the angle in the middle is (180° - Ap), then you have: Number of sides = (360°) / (180° - Ap), or in this case: 360/(180-156) = 15 sides.

How do you describe an acute angle?

It is an angle more than 0 degrees but less than 90 degrees. An acute angle is any angle of between 0 and 90 degrees. A right angle is an angle that measures exactly 90 degrees. An obtuse angle is an angle that measure between 90 and 180 degrees. To remember the difference between an acute angle and an obtuse angle, think of "a cute" (acute) puppy and an large obese (obtuse) bulldog. Kind of cheesy but the words do sound alike and might help you remember

When is supplementary?

Supplementary Angles are two angles that add up to 180 degrees. Often you can find them on a straight line, however, they don't always have to be together. There is a related link that can help explain.

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Two angles whose sum is 90 degrees?

two angles whose sum is 90 degrees is a complementary angle.

How do you find angles of pieces of a twelve sided object?

The name of a 12 sided figure is "Dodecagon" meaning 2+10.I will give you the angles for 12 sided object.Center angle is 30 degreesMiter angle is 75 degreesBevel angle is 15 degreesTo cut wood on a Miter saw to make a 12 sided object, the 15 degree angle is what you want to use. If you want to figure out how mathematically, here is 2 instructional sites to help:* Another site for comparison:*

Which 2-d shape has seven sides?

A heptagon is a7 sided 2D shape. Hope that will help

What is a 28 sided angle called?

A 28 sided polygon is called an Icosikaioctagon This link should help:

Which is the best definition of an exterior angle of a triangle?

an angle that forms a linear pair with one of the interior angles of the trinagle.(Apex)

What angles can i call on to help me?

you can call on ark angle Micheal for corage you can call on ark angle Micheal for corage you can call on ark angle Micheal for corage

Angles ABC and BC] are alternateinterior angles. Use a transformationthat takes angle ABC to angle BC] toprove that alternate interior angles arecongruent. Label any other points onthe figure that will help to define atransformation?


What is the relations among sides and angles to find lengths and angle measurements?

i need help with my hw can any 1 help

What is significance of solid angle?

The solid angles help us have a view of an object in three dimensions.

How do inscribed angles help you understand angles that occur outside the circle?

The inscribed angle forms the apex of the angle. It is a point. To circumscribe the point is 360 degrees. So the inscribed angle and the reflex (outscribed) angle sum to a total of 360 degrees.

How many diagonals does a 6 sided shape have?

I am sure that a shape with six side has 9 diagonals. (I found out cause I really wanted to help people.)

Can someone help you learn how to find the measures for complements or supplements and vice versa?

Complementary angles: Two angles that add up to a right angle (90°). Each angle is complement of the other.For example, the complement of a 30° is 60° (90° - 30°).Supplementary angles: Two angles that add up to two right angles (180°). Each angle is supplement of the other.For example, the supplement of a 30° is 150° (180° - 30°).