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Cumulative Frequency - The purpose is to help understand the total frequency of everything UP TO a given value.

By example:

You could have a list of women heights and the frequency (or probability or fraction of the population) that you'll find women of each height.

Or you could have a list of women heights and the frequency that you'll find women of that height OR SHORTER.

This is "cumulative" in that it adds all the frequencies from zero up to that point. Often cumulative frequency is shown in a graphic rather than as a list of values as above. You might have the axis on the left (Y-axis) go from 0% to 100% and the horizontal axis on the bottom (X-axis) go from 0 cm to 300 cm. The line on the chart would show the percentage of women with heights at or under that X-value, and of course, it would be very close to 0% up to 100cm (assuming adult women), then increase to nearly 100% at 200cm, and be flat at 100% up to 300cm.

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Q: Purpose of cumulative frequency
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How do you make a cumulative frequency table?

Given a frequency table,the first cumulative frequency is the same as the first frequency;the second cumulative frequency is the sum of the first cumulative frequency and the second [ordinary] frequency;the third cumulative frequency is the sum of the second cumulative frequency and the third [ordinary] frequency;and so on.An alternative definition is that the cumulative frequency for any value is the sum of all the frequencies less than or equal to that value.

What is cumulative frequency?

Cumulative frequency is the running total of class frequencies.

What does cumulative frequency graph measure?

a cumulative frequency graph mearsure the cumulative frequency on the y-axis and the class boundaries on the x-axis

If the frequency is 4 what is the cumulative frequency?

The cumulative frequency is the running total of numbers, such as, frequency cumulative frequency 4 4 5 11 6 17 7 24 8 32

If the frequency is 3 what is the cumulative frequency?

It is 3 more than the cumulative frequency up to the previous class or value.

How do you find cumulative frequency?

By adding up the (one by one,) the frequency total in order to find the cumulative frequency, most commonly, you just then plot this on a cumulative frequency graph or box plot.

What is a slope in cumulative frequency?

It is the frequency for that point.

What is cumulative percent?

Cumulative percentage is another way of expressing frequency distribution. It calculates the percentage of the cumulative frequency within each interval, much as relative frequency distribution calculates the percentage of frequency.

What is the difference between a cummulative frequency graph and a cumulative frequency polygon?

A cumulative frequency polygon has straight lines connecting the points. A normal cumulative frequency diagram uses a smooth curve to join the points.

What is another name for cumulative frequency?

I've occasionally seen "cumulative frequency" shortened to the word "cume".

Is an ogive a graph of cumulative frequency distribution?

yes. An ogive is also known as a cumulative frequency graph.

Frequency and cumulative frequency are two types of what?

Frequency and cumulative frequency are two types of frequency distributions. These are frequency tables that show statistical data for different types of frequencies that include absolute, relative, and cumulative frequencies. There are mathematical formulas used to calculate these frequencies.

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