Pythagoras is often described as what?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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"The father of numbers."
Pythagoras was an ancient Greek mathematician famous for his theorem for a right angle triangle.

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Q: Pythagoras is often described as what?
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What did Pythagoras say about atoms?

Pythagoras said that all things are numbers. Because the characteristics of an atom can be described in numbers, any substance can be expressed as a combination of these numbers.

What are often described as corrostive?

Strong acids and bases are often described as corrosive.

What were Pythagoras's parents names?

Pythagoras's father was Mnesarchus and his mother was Pythasis. Often refered to as the first mathematician, Pythagoras was born sometime between 580 and 572 BC. He is one of the most famous and controversial ancient Greek philosophers.

Why was Pythagoras reffered to as the Pythagoras of samos?

Pythagoras was called "Pythagoras of Samos" because he was born in Samos.

what is Pythagoras full name?

Pythagoras of Samos

Who said numbers rule the universe?


How old was Pythagoras when he discovered Pythagoras theorem?

Pythagoras lived from 571 BCE to 495 BCE, so he was about 76 when he died. Pythagoras and his students are often said to have constructed the first proof of this useful theorem. Pythagoras had a school with many students. but the school was secretive, and the students gave their teacher for what they discovered. Because of this, we don't know exactly who did what and when. In any case, it is clear from their clay tablets that the Babylonians knew and used the theorem we call "Pythagoras' Theorem", about a thousand years earlier. They also knew some kind of proof.

Did Pythagoras die?

Yes, Pythagoras died on None

What work did Pythagoras do?

pythagoras made the famous pythagoras theorem and many more....

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What is the first name of Pythagoras?