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Graph both equations on the same graph. Where they intersect is the solution to the system of equations

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: Solving the system of equations by graphing?
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When solving a system of equations by graphing how is the solution found?

The solution is the coordinates of the point where the graphs of the equations intersect.

Why is it the graphing method is the least reliable method in solving system of linear equations?

putang ina nyu

Which of these is a reason to substitute the values back into the equations when solving a system by graphing?

you cannot determine the exact value of the point

What is graphing method?

In systems of equations, the graphing method is solving x and y by graphing out the two equations. x and y being the coordinates of the two line's intersection.

What is the advantages or disadvantages of solving system of linear equation by graphing?

The advantage of solving a system of linear equations by graphing is that it is relatively easy to do and requires very little algebra. The main disadvantage is that your answer will be approximate due to having to read the answer from a graph. Where the solution are integer values, this might be alright, but if you are looking for an accurate decimal answer, this might not be able to be achieved. Another disadvantage to solving linear equations by graphing is that at most you can have two unknown variables (assuming that you are drawing the graph by hand).

Which method of solving quadratic equations should be used when only an estimated solution is necessary?


What are graphing method?

graphing method is when you graph two lines and then find the intersection which is the answer of the system of equations

What is the advantage that the method od substitution has over the graphing method of solving system of equations?

Substitution is a way to solve without graphing, and sometimes there are equations that are impossible or very difficult to graph that are easier to just substitute. Mostly though, it is a way to solve if you have no calculator or cannot use one (for a test or worksheet).

Describe a system of equations that would be better graphed using graphing technology?


When graphing a system of equations what is the point of intersection called?

The points of intersection are normally the solutions of the equations for x and y

What is a method for solving a system of linear equations in which you multiply one or both equations by a number to get rid of a variable term?

It is called solving by elimination.

What are math concepts?

There are too many to list. In algebra, there is factoring, graphing, solving equations of 1 variable, solving equations of 2 variables, all operations with variables (addition, subtraction, mult, div, exponentials, etc) and more. And that is just algebra.

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