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i want some shortcut method frm vedic maths

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Q: Some shortcut methods of calculations of vedic maths?
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What are the short cut methods of vedic mathematics?

Though Vedic mathematics, itself, is a shortcut for fast calculations, there is a method called the line system derived from vedic maths which is even faster and easier.

How vedic math is useful in daily life?

we will do maths daily in our life but for calculations it takes a lot of time so in shortcut Vedic maths was used. so it is important for us in daily life

Shortcut method of calculation from vedic maths?


What is the value of Vedic Maths For Kids for quick calculations?

Vedic Maths enables kids to perform calculations faster compared to the usual method. It promotes mental calculations. It helps kids to understand Maths instead of fear it. It also improves the spiritual side of the Kid's personality.

Why Should Your Child Learn Vedic Maths?

In mathematics education, there is a time-honored tradition that transcends conventional methods. This ancient system, known as Vedic Maths, offers a revolutionary approach to learning mathematics. Rooted in the ancient scriptures of India, Vedic mathematics has garnered global attention for its ability to enhance mental agility, speed, and accuracy in calculations.

Can vedic maths be learned from internet free of cost?

Yes ! learn Vedic maths for free here.See related link below for Vedic Maths

What is meant by word vethic maths?

Nothing. Vedic maths, on the other hands, looks at carrying out various mathematical calculations using vedas - rules laid out in Sanskrit by ancient Hindu scholars.

Finding square roots using vedic maths examples?

Find some methods on

Who is the father of vedic maths?

Jagadguru Shankaracharya Shri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaja is 2the father of vedic maths

Who invented vedic maths?

Vedic maths was invented by man only to make maths more easy many brains have been used to make this fantastic technology.

What is difference between vedic math and modern math?

Difference b/w Vedi math and modern math:- Vedic Maths is a bit difficult to learn as compared to Modern Maths. But with the right method and practice, you can easily learn it. After learning Vedic Maths, you can easily solve the difficult questions of Maths. Math questions are solved using short tricks in Vedic Maths. But in Modern Maths, Maths questions are solved in a normal way. There are many other benefits of Vedic Maths which are different from Modern Maths. But how you learned it? The best way is to use the right educational platform. I would advise you to choose Ziyyara because it is the only platform that provides live one-on-one classes to its students. This means only one child will study at a time So that all his concepts can be cleared. You can call them to know more about it and book a free demo. Contact Number:- +91-9654271931

How to apply fast math mentally?

vedic maths