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Vedic mathematics covered universal syllabus which we are following as modern maths.

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Q: Why does the Vedic multiplication method work?
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What is the dot method?

The dot method is a multiplication method used in Vedic Mathematics. It is done by multiplying the different numbers in a weird type of fashion.

How did you practice your multiplication?

There are many ways to practice multiplication; 1. Conventional Method: This method is about learning the tables of numbers up to 9 and then using digit multiplication and summation to derive the answer. 2. Abacus: This is the ancient method which uses placements to derive multiplication. 3. Vedic Mathematics: This method provides alternative and easier way for all mathematical problems.

Why does the multiplication method partial products work?

Because multiplication is distributive over addition.

Is the vedic system of multiplication still useful today?


What is the algebraic method in multiplication with examples?

what is the algebraic notation method in multiplication

What is the importance of vedic mathematics?

The whole system is interrelated and unified. The general multiplication method is easily reversed to allow one-line divisions, and the simple squaring method can be reversed to give one-line square roots, along with other simplifications.

Some shortcut methods of calculations of vedic maths?

i want some shortcut method frm vedic maths

What are the multiplication steps?

This is the full method of multiplication. I hope that this will helpful to you.

How to fill in missing numbers in multiplication problems?

its done by hit n trial method or guess work............

Shortcut method of calculation from vedic maths?


What are the short cut methods of vedic mathematics?

Though Vedic mathematics, itself, is a shortcut for fast calculations, there is a method called the line system derived from vedic maths which is even faster and easier.

What is multipliction?

Answer:It is a method of multiplication.