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Perimeter = 2*(L + B) = 120

So L + B = 60 and therefore B = 60 - L.

Area = 800 = L*B = L*(60 - L)

So L2 - 60L + 800 = 0

=> (L - 20)*(L - 40) = 0

and so L = 20 or L = 40

When L = 20, B = 40 and

when L = 40, B = 20.

So the dimensions are 40m x 20m.

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Q: The area of a rectangular ballroom is 800 m squared and the perimeter is 120 m What are the dimensions of the ballroom?
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What is the dimensions of a rectangle with a perimeter of 34 inches and an area of 42 inches squared?

The dimensions of the rectangle are 3 inches by 14 inches

What is the perimeter and area of a rectangular room that is 12.2 ft long 8.9 ft wide?

perimeter= 42.2 ft area= 108.58 ft squared

Is there a rectangle with an area of 36 cm squared and a perimeter of 30 cm?

Yes if its dimensions were 3 cm and 12 cm.

Is perimeter squared or cubed?

I'm pretty sure that perimeter is squared and volume is cubed.

How do you figure out if the area or perimeter needs to be squared?

the perimeter of a figure is never squared, but the area of a figure is always squared. Hope this helped :)

If you have dimensions of 25mm x 12mm x 90m how many squared meters do you have?

You have specified three dimensions. A rectangular area will have a length and a width. If your length is 90m, is the width 25mm or 12mm? I can't make sense of this as it is.

Why is perimeter squared?

area comes out with squared units of measurement, volume with cubed, perimeter stays to the power of 1.

If the area is 900cm squared what is the perimeter?

The perimeter is 120 cm

Does a rectangular prism have rectangular faces?

A rectangular can either have six rectangular faces, or four rectangular faces and two squared faces.

What is the perimeter of 5000 square meters?

The area doesn't tell you the dimensions or the perimeter. It doesn't even tell you the shape. The shortest perimeter that could enclose that area would be a circle. The shortest perimeter with straight sides would be a square. If it's a rectangle, then there are an infinite number of them, all with different dimensions and different perimeters, that all have the same area.

The area of a square is 22500 ft squared - what is the perimeter?

The perimeter is 600 feet.

If the area of a square is forty nine squared what is the perimeter of the square?

The perimeter is 28.