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7/(3 - x)

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Q: The quotient of seven and the difference of three and a number?
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What is the quotient of twice a number and five?

What is the quotient of twice the number and three

What is an equation for the difference of twice a number and 16 is equal to the quotient of three times the number and 18?

2x - 16 = 3x/18

Does seven divided three yield a quotient of two?

No it yields a quotient of 2 1/3 or 2.3333333...

What is thirty seven divided by three?

The quotient is 12 and 1/3

What is the number if it is a multiple of both three and seven and the difference between the two digits is three?


The quotient of a number and three is seventeen?

The number is 3*17 = 51

What is the algebraic expression for the difference between seven times a number and three times that number?

7/ 3/

how many times does seven go into three?

Three cannot at all fit seven. In order for a division to produce a whole number or a quotient with a remainder, the divisor (the number being divided by) must be less than the dividend (the number being divided). Since 7 is larger than 3, it cannot be divided into 3 equally in this instance.

What is three less than the number quotient of a number and sixteen?

n/16 - 3

The quotient of two times the number and three equals what?


A number is divisible by 8 if?

If the number formed by the last three digits is divisible by 8. Alternatively, if the number is divisible by 2, the quotient is divisible by 2 and that quotient is divisible by 2.

Is the quotient of Sixty three divided by Seven greater than or less than the quotient of Fifty four divided by Six Explain?

they are the same they are both 9