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C = D

C = 10 utils, and

D = 10 utils

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Q: The statement C equals D equals 10 utils implies?
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Is 10 equals 120 an expression or an equation?

If a statement includes an "equals" sign ( = ) then the statement is an equation. By the way . . . it may or may not be a true statement. "10 equals 120" is not true.

What is 10 plus 21 equals?

The statement 10 plus 21 equals 31 in total. It can also be written as 10 + 21 = 31.

How is 5 plus 10 equals 353?

That statement is false, 5 + 10 = 15

What is the negation of x plus y equals 10?

choose the negation of this statement. x plus y equals 10

What is 10 plus 50 equals 80?

"10 + 50 = 80" is an incorrect equation.

What is the verbal statement of x plus 10 equals 25?

If: x+10 = 25 Then: x = 15

How much will 10 centimeters equals 1 meter be?

It will be 0, the value of a false statement.

How do you get the answer for 10 millimeters equals 1 ce ntimeter?

There's no question there, and no answer is required. The statement is a definition.

Is 8 plus 2 a statement?

Yes, but on ly if you don't say "equals 10 " at the end.

What is 10-3 plus 2 equals 2?

10 - 3 + 2 = 2 is a false statement. 10 - 3 + 2 = 9

What is the negation of this statement x plus y equals 10?

x+y does not equal 10, which can be written x+y ~= 10 or x+y != 10.

What is difference between total utility and marginal utility?

Total utility is the total satisfaction obtain by a consumer by consuming all units of commodity. Marginal utility is the additional satisfaction you get for every additional unit you consume... For example, if you buy 3 slices of pizza one at a time. For the first one, you might get 10 utils, because of the law of diminishing returns, you will only get 7 utils for the second one and 3 utils for the third one. Your total utility is 20 utils (10+7+3). But you can find your marginal utility by looking at each slice of pizza individually.

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