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870 + 540 = 1410

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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It is 1410.

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Q: The tickets for a movie were 10 for an adult and 4 for a student. Find the total income from the sale of 87 adult tickets and 135 student tickets?
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How much are movie tickets in California?


Are movie tickets an elastic or inelastic demand?

The demand for movie tickets is elastic as if the price of movie tickets go up people will try to deny seeing movie as it is not necessary for survival and is one the luxury . It may not be affected if the person is rich and if he is rich he can easily buy the tickets and buying the tickets will require only small portion of his income .

How much do movie tickets cost for kids?

Depends on the movie being shown and at which theater. Prices for kids are usually a little bit less than adult tickets. Inquire locally at the movie house you want to visit.

The movie charges 4.00 for each child ticket and 7.00 for each adult ticket the Art Calub purchased a total of 20 tickets and spent 101.00 How many of each type of ticket did the club buy?

7 Adult tickets 13 Child tickets

How much are Bella terra movie tickets?

At Bella Terra there about $11.25 per adult and $8.25 per child

What are the sites to book movie tickets?

You can buy movie tickets at

How much are the movie tickets for the movie The Smurfs?

This depends on location and your age. For example, an adult ticket in San Francisco would cost around $11.00 (if you want 3D it is about $15.)

Price of movie ticket in 1978?

In southwest VA where I live, adult tickets were around $4.00 as I recall.

How much do tickets movie tickets cost?

It depends on your location and age. In large metropolitan areas movie tickets are generally more expensive than other places; for example: A child's/senior's ticket in San Francisco is around $8.00 and an adult's ticket is around $11.00.

Average cost of a movie ticket 2009?

The average price of a movie ticket for an adult younger than a senior and older than a student is around $8.00

How can one obtain free movie tickets?

One can obtain free movie tickets on "Fandango" or one could ask a family member or friend to buy them movie tickets. Those are the only ways to get free movie tickets.

If movie tickets cost 9.80 each how much for 7 movie tickets?


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