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Total cost: 9.25 times 6 = 55.50

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Q: Tickets to a movie cost 9.25 each what is the total cost for 6 tickets?
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If movie tickets cost 9.80 each how much for 7 movie tickets?


Mai ha $36 to spend on movie tickets. Each movie ticket cost $4.50 how many tickets can she buy?

She can buy 8 tickets.

If John is paid 13.50 to take Mary out for the evening sixty percent of this total was for theater tickets what was the cost of the tickets?

8.10 is the cost of the tickets.

Mimi had 174 to buy tickets to a concert The adult tickets cost 10.50 and the student tickets cost 7.50 She bought 4 more student tickets than adult tickets How many adult tickets did she buy?

8 Adult tickets

How much to movie tickets cost?


How much do movie premiere tickets cost?

depends on the movie .

At a local theatre adult tickets cost 8 and student tickets cost 5 at a recent show 500 were sold for a total of 3475 how many adult tickets were sold?

answer is 325 adult tickets were sold ( )

19 At a local theater adult tickets cost 8 and student tickets cost 5 At a recent show 500 tickets were sold for a total of 3475 How many adult tickets were sold?

Adults: 325 Student: 175

What was the total amount of money made just off regular priced tickets at Super Bowl XLII?

the total cost of the tickets were $50.000

How much do movie tickets cost at the pacific theaters at the paseo?

how much does the tickets coast at pacific theaters in Culver City

What is the cost of movie tickets at north woods movie theater?

6.00 a ticket.

Eight tickets cost 96 how much does 3 tickets cost?

If the cost of eight tickets is $96 then 3 tickets would be $36. Each ticket is $12.