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7:6 (girls to boys)

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Q: They are 12 boys and 14 girls in jed's classroom write the ratio of girls and boys?
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How many girls are in a classroom if there is a total of 2727 students and the ratio of girls to boys is 55 to 44?

1515 girls

What is part-to-part Ratio mean in math terms?

An example of part to part is boys to girls in a classroom rather than boys to students in a classroom.

How do you convert a percent to a ratio?

Ratios are good for comparing two quantities. Like in a classroom, the ratio of girls to boys, for example. Say the class has 40 students, and 22 of them are girls, so this is 22/40 = 55% of the class. But the ratio is comparing the girls to the boys, not the entire class. So if there are 55% girls, then 100% - 55% = 45% boys. Now the ratio can be made of 55 : 45 girl to boy ratio. This can be simplified to a 11:9 ratio.

What is the ratio of boys to girls if 150 people are at a dance and 125 of them are boys?

If there are 125 boys and 25 girls, then the ratio of boys to girls would be 5:1.

Write the ratio as a fraction in simplest form. 35 girls 15 boys?

7/3 girls to boys.

What is the ratio of girls to boys in India?

5 girls to 7 boys

Ratio of girls to boys is 23 If there is 8 boys how many girls?

There is 48 Girls and 51 boys

The ratio of 21 girls and 14 boys?

The ratio of girls to boys is 21/14 = 3/2 = 1.5 . The ratio of boys to girls is 14/21 = 2/3 = 0.66 .

How do you use the word ratio in a sentence?

Ex.) The ratio of boys to girls in the class was 7:5 (meaning there are 7 boys and 5 girls. If it was girls to boys it would be 5:7). Or you could write it as showed below: 7 to 5 7/5(as a fraction)

What is the ratio of 10 boys to 25 girls?

Expressed as a ratio in its simplest form, 10 boys to 25 girls are in the ratio 2:5.

What is the ratio of girls to boys if there are 9 girls to 12 boys and there are 24 girls?

The ratio is 9:12 (girls:boys)Simplified the ratio is 3:4 When there are 24 girls, there will be 32 boys. (3:4 = 24:32)

The ratio of boys to girls in home room is 2:3. If there are 8 boys, how many girls are there?

2 boys for every 3 girls 8 boys / 2 boys = 4 times the original ratio 4 times original ratio x 3 girls = 12 girls

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