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Several ways to achieve this - here is one solution.

Fill the 5 litre container and pour it all into the 9 litre container.

Fill the 5 litre container and pour it into the 9 litre container until the latter is full - leaving 1 litre in the 5 litre container.

Empty the 9 litre container.

Fill the 3 litre container and empty into 9 litre container. Repeat. There are now 6 litres in the 9 litre container.

Pour the 1 litre from the 5 litre container into the 9 litre container which now contains 7 litres.

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Q: Three containers have capacities of three five and nine liters How can these containers be used to measure exactly seven liters of water?
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A pail is not a standard measure. It can have different capacities.

What is the capacity of the containers in liters?

11720 litres

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(1,000 liters) / (2 liters per container) = 500 containers.

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Uh, in liters? I'm not exactly sure what this question is you mean the units? or exactly how to measure it? Because if you want to measure water, I'd say use a measuring cup...

What do liters measure?

Liters measure volume.

How do you measure 5 liters using three containers 2 liter 6 liter 8 liter?

You cannot. Each of the three containers has a capacity of an even number of litres. Their sums and differences will always be even. There is, therefore, no way to measure out an odd number of litres using them.

How many liters are in 30000 liters?

Exactly 30,000 liters.

How many 1.5 liters will make a gallon?

1 US gallon = 3.78541178 liters. 1 UK (Imperial) gallon = 4.54609118 liters. 3.78541178 liters / 1.5 liters =~ 2.52 4.54609118 liters / 1.5 liters =~ 3.03 2.52 - 1.5 liters containers will make a US gallon 3.03 - 1.5 liters containers will make an imperial gallon.

How can you measure out exactly 4 liters of water from a tap using a 3 liter and a 5 liter bucket?


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Meters measure length, liters measure capacity, and kilograms measure weight.

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Exactly 0.4

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