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All the angles of a triangle add up to 180º

So if you have 80º and 60º then the remaining angle must be 40º.

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Q: Triangle has one angle of 80 degrees and another of 60 degrees how many degrees must there be in the thrid angle?
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If the base angles of a isoceles triangle are each 47.5 what is the measurement of the thrid angle?

85 degrees

What is the measure of the third angle of a triangle if one angle measures 24 degrees and the other measures 111 degrees?

The sum of all three angles of a triangle are 180o; if two are 24o and 111o then the thrid is: third_angle = 180o - 24o - 111o = 45o

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How many sides does a polygon have if the sum of its interior is 720?

Assuming it's a regular polygon, it's a hexagon with six sides. Let n be the unknown number of sides. Since each interior angle is identical and since they sum to 720 degrees, each angle is 720 / n. Now, imagine the unknown polygon is sepparated into equal triangles with their tips at the center and their bases as each of the sides. The sides of the triangle bisect the interior angle, so each base angle of the triangle is (1/2) * (720/n). The third angle of the triangle is 360/n as the triangles all meet to form a perfect circle and there are n of them (one for each side). The two base angles and the thrid angle must sum to 180 degrees as all triangles must in euclidian geometry, so we end up with the equation of (1/2) * (720/n) + (1/2) * (720/n) + 360/n = 180. Solving for n yields n = 6. This method works with any regular polygon.

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