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To explain that bad habits are creating a bad financial situation

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Q: Twenty-four dollars a week would really have been riches to us if we hadn't had to support that jug because of the jug we were always sailing pretty close to the wind. What is the role of the idiom in?
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What do stays hold up on a sailing boat?

Stays support the mast on a sailing boat running from the mast forward and aft. Shrouds also support the mast and run from the mast to the sides of the boat.

Decision support is important because of what?

We have an obligation to use American taxpayer dollars as if they were our own

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who gave milloins of dollars to support universities and medical reachers

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10,000,000 dollars. However, it is advisable to use the three-character currency code before the numbers rather than dollars after. This is partly because some browsers do not support all currency symbols and also because many countries have a dollar as their currency unit and there is no way to tell which country's dollars you mean.

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4 letter word for rigging support?

Spar "Spars of all types are used in the rigging of sailing vessels to resist compressive and bending forces, and to provide support for the sails." ~ Wikipedia

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Taxpayer dollars support the entire corrections system - so - in that sense - yes, they do.

What is decision support?

We have an obligation to use American taxpayer dollars as if they were our own.

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No, he did not, and there is no credible evidence to support this myth.

What is a another word for support?

In modern sailboats, the sail is attached to the mast or boom of the sailboat. In older sailing vessels, the sail would be attached to either a mast or a yard.