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24 possible outcomes.

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Q: Two coins are tossed and a six sided die is rolled how many outcomes?
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If 3 two sided coins are tossed how many outcomes?

There are eight possible outcomes: HHH, HHT, HTT, HTH, THT, TTT, TTH, THH.

How many outcomes are possible if a six sided cube is tossed three times?

18 outcomes

What is the number of outcomes when one coin is flipped and eight sided die is rolled?

16 outcomes

If a 8 sided die is rolled 5 times how many different outcomes are there?

There are 85 or 32768 outcomes.

How many outcomes are there in the sample space of a coin and a 6-sided cube tossed together?


How many outcomes are possible if an eight sided die is rolled?

d-bags inventing even more sides

How many different possible outcomes are there when four 10 sided dice are rolled at the same time?

There are 104, or 10000 permutations of four 10 sided dice.

How many outcomes are possible if a number cube is rolled once?

Assuming it is a 6-sided number cube, it would be 6.

A six-sided cube is rolled Find the probability of rolling a six?

Probability = (number of successful outcomes) / (number of possible outcomes)Possible outcomes: 6Successful outcomes: 1Probability = 1/6 = 16 and 2/3 percent.

How do you calculate probability problems?

a 12-sided die is rolled. The set of equally likely outcomes is (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12). What is the probability of rolling an 8

What are the possible outcomes when a dime and a four sided die is rolled?

If H = heads and T = Tails, and if the four sided die has values A and B, the 8 possible outcomes are: HA, HB, HC, HD, TA, TB, TC and TD.

Two coins and one six sided cube are tossed together What is the probability of getting 2 heads and a four?

Probability is defined as the number of ways an outcome can occur divided by the number of possible outcomes. For the coins, there are 4 outcomes (HH, HT, TH, TT). On the cube, there are 6 possible outcomes. The total number of outcomes is then 4*6 = 24. Since there is only 1 way to obtain HH, look at the cube outcomes. With the HH outcome, the cube would need to fall on a 4. So, there is only 1 way a HH4 can occur. Therefore the probability of getting 2 heads and a four is 1/24 or 0.04167.

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