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There are two ways to convert this problem. The answer to this would be 457.2.

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Q: Use two unit multipliers to convert 112ft to cm?
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Use two unit multipliers to convert 112ft to cm-?

There is two ways to convert 112 feet to centimeters. The most common way would be 457.2. This is taught in math.

How do you use three unit multipliers to convert 1520 meters to feet?

Why would you want to use three unit multipliers when the single multiplier: 3.2808 does the trick?

What two unit multipliers do you use to convert 10000 inches to miles?

I would use 1/36 to convert inches to yards and 1/1760 to convert yards to miles.

How do you use three unit multipliers to convert 36 meters to feet?

meters to centimeters x100 centimeters to inches /2.54 inches to feet /12

56 square feet is how big area in inches?

Don't you know how to use unit multipliers?! GOSH!!

How do you use two unit multipliers to convert 3 gallons to a pint?

You might convert 3 gallons to pints with two unit multipliers if you knew that there are 4 quarts in 1 gallon, and 2 pints in 1 quart. It could look like this: 3 gallons x (4 quarts/1 gallon) x (2 pints/1 quart) = 3 x (4/1) x (2/1) pints = 24 pints

Use two unit multipliers to convert 60 sq km to sq m?

1 km = 1000 metres. Therefore 60 sq km = 60 km*km = 60 *1000 m *1000 m = 60 million sq metres.

How do you use dividers?

Turn the multipliers upside down !

When you want to eliminate one unit and convert it to another unit you use what?

A conversion factor

What do you use to convert moles to liters?

Mole is a unit of mass, litre is a unit of volume.

Use six unit multipliers to convert 40 cubic yards to cubic inches?

cu. yards x 27 ( cu. ft. per cu. yd ) x 12x12x12 ( cu. inches per cu. foot ) Thus, 40 x 3x3x3 x 12x12x12 =

How do you use two unit multipliers to convert 35 feet to centimeters?

If you need to memorize certain relationships between metric and American measurements, one of the most commonly needed is 1 inch equals 2.54 cm. A foot equals 12 inches. So multiply 35 feet by 12 inches. Then multiply the result by 2.54 centimeters per inch. This type of process keeps us from having to memorize hundreds of detailed unit multipliers, or looking them up in a book every time.

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