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Well, if Van drove 6 hours at the speed of 54 mph, you would have to multiply 54x6=324. So, your excellent answer would be 324

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Q: Van drove 6 hours at the speed of 54 mphHow far did he drive?
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You drove 270 miles in 6 hours at a constant speed How long would it take you to drive 405 miles at the same speed?

9 hours

If you drove 224 miles in 4 hours. if you drove at constant speed how fast did you drive?

The answer is 224/4 = 56 miles per hour

How far would you travel if you drove at a speed of 35mph for 2 hours?

If you drove 35 mph for 2 hours, you would drive 70 miles. 35 X 2 = 70.

How many miles did Lydia drive if she drove 180 miles for 3 hours on Tuesday then drove 7 more hours at that rate?

Lydia's speed on Tuesday was 180 miles divided by 3 hours, or 60 mph. If she then drove 7 hours at 60 mph, she drove 420 miles. Altogether, she drove 420 + 180 or 600 miles.

If you drove 40 mph for 55 miles how long did you drive for 5 hours?

The answer is in the "Miles per hour" (Mph) you drove. If you drove 40 Mph, then in one hour you would have driven 40 miles. Therefore, in five hours, at the constant speed of 40 Mph, you would have drive 200 miles.

How long does it take to drive 60 km?

That depends what speed you are driving at. If you drove at 60kph it would take one hour. If you drove at 1kph it wold take 60 hours.

You drove 65 miles per hour for 3.5 hours how far did you drive?

Use the formula: distance = time x speed.

Alma drove for 9 hours at a speed of 59 mph How far did she drive?

531 miles. (9 x 59 = 531)

Matt drove for three hours at 65mph how far did he drive?

65 x 3 = 195 Therefore, assuming a constant average speed of 65 miles per hour, he drove 195 miles.

Mr Carter drove for 2 hours at an average speed of 45 miles per hour About how far did he drive?

2 x 45 = 90 miles.

Jamaal drove to the mountains to go camping He drove 300 miles in 5 hours What was his average speed?


Jamaal drove to the mountains to go camping. he drove 300 miles in 5 hours. what was his average speed?