Volume equals density over mass

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Volume = Mass / Density

Therefore, for the same mass, if the density is higher then the volume is less. This makes perfect sense if you think about it. The atoms of the object are closer together (it is more dense) and so less space (volume) is taken up.

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Q: Volume equals density over mass
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What determains the density of a substance?

Density=Mass/Volume (That is, Density equals to Mass divided by the Volume over the object)

How do you get the density if you know the mass?

Density equals Mass over Volume (D = M / V)

What formula do you use to calculate the density of an object?

by calculate density by dividind the mass of space

How do you find the density of your own body?

Density equals Mass over Volume

Acronym for mass over volume equals density?


What determines the mass of objects that have equal volume?

Density. This is quantified as a mass over a volume, so if you know the volume, the density will allow you to determine the mass of an object. Density equals mass divided by volume so mass is equal to density multiplied by volume.

Mass plus volume equals?

Time squared over distance. No, it is not "Density". Density is mass divided by VOLUME. Weight is the force of gravity acting on the mass. force = mass * acceleration. Thus, mass/force = 1/acceleration, or, in generic units, time squared over distance. Don't believe every game show answer you hear.

How can you obtain an objects volume if you know it's density and mass?

Density equals mass over volume. Set up the equation and solve for volume.

What is the formula volume equals mass over density for?

it's for finding either the density, mass, or volume of something when given the other two.

What is the density of an object of a mass of 67.5 g?

you need to know volume, because d=m\v (density equals mass over volume)

What is an example of Density equals D Mass equals M Volume equals V and D equals mass of object over volume of object?


How do you convert density equals mass over volume?

It depends on what you wish to convert it to!