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Less digits are needed as for example 1,000,000,000 is 1.0*109 in scientific notation

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Q: What advantages does scientific notation have over ordinary notation?
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Scientific notation for 10 over two?

The scientific notation for ten over two which is 5 is 5 x 10 ^0.

What is the scientific notation of 0.00421?

4.21 This is because with scientific notation, the number has to be under 10.00 and over 1.00.

What are the advantages for scientific notation?

It has and advantage over very big numbers, for example, 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. You wouldn't want to write that all down, would you?

What advantage does standard form have over scientific notation?

It has no advantage.

How is a number expressed in scientific notation?

Scientific notation is when you multiply a number that is between 1 and 10 to 10 to a power. for example: I want to write 3,946,000,000 as a scientific notation. What I do is I divide the number by 10 over and over until the number is 3.946 then how many times I divided 3,946,000,000 by 10 is the exponent of 10 which you multiply by 3.946 and the Scientific notation of 3,946,000,000 is 3.946 * 109.

What is .85 in scientific notation?

Usually number over .01 and under 1,000 are not written in scientific notation, however .85 would be written as 8.5 x 10-1.

What is the scientific notation of 1 over 1000?

1/1000 = 1 x 10-3

What is the standard notation OF 0.7 million?

As far as I am aware, standard notation is just the common form of the number, as opposed to "scientific notation" which saves a hell of a lot of zeros being written all over the place. 0.7 million in standard notation is simply 700,000. But in scientific notation could be written as 7x105.

How do you change a number in scientific notation to decimal notation?

you take the number next to the 10 and move the decimal point back over that many places

Is26 hundredths in scientific notation?

26 hundredths is written as 0.26 move the decimal over to the right one space and multiply by 10 to the negative one 2.6*10-1 now it is in scientific notation

What is the density of steel not in scientific notation?

The density of steel ranges from 7,750 to just over 8,000 kg/m3.

How do you translate 1000 into decimals?

1000.0 with a bar thingy over the .0. Also if you want the scientific notation it is 1x103

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