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Angles in a triangle add up to 18010 which is 13012

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Q: What angles in a triangle add up to in Base 12?
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What are the interior angles of a 12-gon?

The interior angles of a 12-gon add up to 1800 degees

How do you get 90 degree angles in 1 triangle?

There are 180 degrees in a triangle - the sum of the angles totals 180 . So there can only be on 90 angle. The other two angles must add up to 90. Pythagoras theorem states " The square of the hypotenuse of a RIGHT ANGLED (90 degrees) triangle equals the sum of the squares on the other two sides". So if you have a 3-4-5 or a 5-12-13 triangle and their multiples etc, you will have a triangle with a 90 degree angle.

The base of a triangle is 12 cm the triangle has an area of 48cm squared what is the height of the triangle?

Height = 8 cm

The angles of a triangle are in the ratio 327 find each angles?

Take the following steps.... A - We know that the internal angles of a triangle total 180 degrees. B - A ratio of 3 - 2- 7 adds up to a 12. C - this means that the total of 180 degrees must be divided by 12, and the result must be multiplied successively by 3, by 2 and by 7. The results of these operations will give you the angles of the triangle.

Find the measures of the angles of a triangle if the measures of one angle is twice the measure of a second angle and the third angle measures 3 times the second angle decreased by 12?

Let the second angle of the triangle be A. Then angle 1 = 2A : and angle 3 = 3A - 12 The internal angles of a triangle total 180° therefore :- 2A + A + (3A - 12) = 180 6A - 12 = 180 : 6A = 192 : A = 32 The angles measure 64° , 32° and 84° .

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What is the base of a right triangle with a highth of 12 meters and 2 angles of 90 degrees and 12 degrees?

It is impossible for a triangle to have 2 angles of 90 degrees

What triangle has angles of 114 12 and 54?

An obtuse triangle.

How many acute angles does a square based pyramid have?

There are 12 acute angles in total. Calculation: Each side you can see a triangle(3 acute angles), totally 4 triangles... so 4*3 = 12 you can leave out the base as it is a square...

How many angles does a 12- gon have?

12 exterior angles that add up to 360 degrees 12 interior angles that add up to 1800 degrees

What are the angles of a triangle in a 12 sided polygon?

Such a triangle can have any non-reflex angle - subject to the three angles of the triangle adding to 180 degrees.

What are at least ten features regarding the properties of the triangle?

1. It has 3 sides 2. It can be a regular or an irregular polygon 3. It can be an equilateral triangle 4. It can be an isosceles triangle 5. It can be a right angle triangle 6. It can be an obtuse triangle 7. It can be a scalene triangle 8. It has 3 interior angles that add up to 180 degrees 9. It has 3 exterior angles that add up to 360 degrees 10. It has a perimeter which is the sum if its 3 sides 11. It has an area of 0.5*base*altitude 12. It has no diagonals 13. It can be the base of a pyramid 14. It has unlimited numbers within the circle 15. It can be proud of itself because all other polygons are derived from it

What are a score or more facts about the properties of angles and triangles?

1 Angles are measured in degrees, minutes and seconds 2 Angles greater than 0 but less than 90 degrees are acute 3 Angles of 90 degrees are right angles 4 Angles greater the 90 but less than 180 degrees are obtuse 5 Angles greater than 180 but less than 360 degrees are reflex 6 Angle of 360 degrees is a full rotation 7 Triangles are 3 sided polygons 8 Triangles have 3 inside angles that add up to 180 degrees 9 Triangles have 3 outside angles that add up to 360 degrees 10 Triangle that is scalene has 3 different acute angles 11 Triangle that is a right angle triangle has a 90 degree angle and 2 acute angles 12 Triangle that is obtuse has 1 obtuse angle and 2 acute angles 13 Triangle that is isosceles has 2 equal base angles and 2 equal sides 14 Triangle that is equilateral has 3 equal inside angles and 3 equal sides 15 Triangles have no diagonals 16 Triangles will tessellate leaving no gaps or overlaps 17 Triangle's area is 0.5*base*perpendicular height 18 Triangle's perimeter is the sum of its 3 sides 19 Triangle as a right angle triangle is subject to Pythagoras' theorem 20 Triangles are subject to the rules of trigonometry 21 Triangles are the corner stones of all other polygons

What is the length of the 2 congrent sides of an isoceles triangle when the base is 12?

If the base of a triangle is 12, then the other two sides can be any length at all, just as long as they add up to more than 12. If they're congruent, then each one can be anything at all more than 6.

How many angles does a dodecagon have?

A dodecagon is a 12 sided shape that has 12 interior angles that add up to 1800 degrees and 12 exterior angles that add up to 360 degrees

What are at least 12 facts about the triangle?

It has 3 sides It has no diagonals It has 3 interior angles It has 3 exterior angle Interior angles add up to 180 degrees Exterior angles add up to 360 degrees Can be right angled Can be equilateral Can be obtuse Can be isosceles Can be scalene Multiples of a triangle can form other polygons Its lengths, area and angles can be determined by means of trigonometry Pythagoras' theorem is applicable to all right angle triangles

What is the of a triangle that has a base of 12'' and a height of 4''?

Area of triangle = 1/2 base times height1/2 * 12 * 4 = 24

What is the area of a triangle with the base of 10 and the height of 12?

The area of triangle is : 60.0