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6:8 12:16 9:12

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Q: What are 3 ratios that are equivalent to the ratio 3 4?
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What ratio is equivalent to 1 to 3?

It is: 1/3 = 2/6

What is a eqivelent ratio?

Equivalent ratios are ratios which have the same value when simplified. For example: The two ratios 8 : 24 and 4 : 12 are equivalent, because when simplified they are both 1 : 3 Hope this helps! :)

3 equivalent ratios for 4 to 8?

3 equivalent ratios for 4:8 are 75:150, 50:100 and 3:6

What is the difference between equal ratios and equivalent ratios?

To write equal ratios multiply both terms by the same number or divided both terms. For example, 2/ 9 is a ratio equal ratio will be 4/18. There is no difference between equal ratios and equivalent ratios.

Equivalent ratios to 4 5?

Equivalent ratios to 4/5 can be several such as 8/10 or 16/20.

What are 3 equivalent ratios for 6 to 2?

three equivalent ratios for 6 to 2 are 12 to 4 and 18 to 6 and also 24 to 8. basically if you multiply both numbers by the same thing you will get an equivalent ratio.

Are the ratios 3:4 and 4:5 equivalent?

no they are not

What are four ratios equivalent to 75 percent?

4 ratios equivalent to 75% are....3/4, .75, 3/40, AND 7.5

Which ratio is equivalent to 4 13?

There are infinitely many ratios. For example, 40/130.

What is another way to write 8 to 6 ratios?

4 to 3 or 4:3 ratio

What are 3 ratios that are equivalent to the ratio 3 4 and explain how you found the ratios?

If you simply multiply both numbers you will get another ratio just bigger than the one you currently have. eg: 3*2=6 4*2=8 Therefore 6:8 is the same as 3:4. Similarly 9:12 and 12:16

Are 4 to 7 and 16 to 49 equivalent ratios?

No. 4/7 and 16/28 and 28/49 are equivalent ratios. The 4 and the 7 must be multiplied by the same number in order to maintain the ratio.

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