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4002 (or) 20L by 20W

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Q: What are dimensions for 20 inches square?
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What are the dimensions of a rectangle whose diagonal is 25 inches and has an area of 300 square inches?

15 and 20 inches because these dimensions comply with Pythagoras' theorem and the area of the rectangle.

What are the dimensions of a square with an area 36 square inches?

The dimensions of a square with an area 36 square inches are:Side lengths: Six inchesPerimeter: 24 inchesDiagonal measurement: 8.485 inches

What are the dimensions of a square which is 25 square inches?

Each side is 5 inches.

How many square inches is something with the dimensions of 15 x 15 inches?

A "something" with the dimensions of 15x15 inches has an area of 225 square inches. Since the sides are the same, this "something" can be considered as a square.

The area of a square is 10000 square is inches what are the dimensions of the square?

100 inches on every side.

What is the dimensions of a rectangle with a perimeter of 26 inches and a area of 42 square inches?

Its dimensions are 6 inches by 7 inches because 2(6+7)=26 inches and 6*7=42 square inches

What is 5 inches x 8 inches in square feet?

8*10*5 = 400 inches cubed (...square inches are when the object has two dimensions, and inches cubed when the object has three dimensions...) 400

What is the dimension of 288 square inches?

The dimensions for 288 sq inches is [L2], that is the square of lengths.

17 inches by 34 inches 2.5 inches thick how many square feet is this?

You have given three dimensions; square feet has only two dimensions. Do you mean cubic feet?

What is 20 inches in square feet?

You can not convert that as 20 inches are LENGTH and Square Feet is AREA If you meant 20 square inches however then... 1 square foot is 12 * 12 or 144 square inches. so 20 square inches would be 20/144 or 0.139 square feet

If the area of a square is 400 square inches What is the length of one side?

Each side is 20 inches. 20 x 20 = 400 square inches.

What is the square inches of 20 inches by 62 inches?

It is 20 times 62 = 1240 square inches