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Temperature and Money Issues.

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Q: What are some examples of negative numbers used around the world?
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Where do you use negative numbers in the real world?


Where to find negative numbers in the world?

Math class, thermometers.

Is it possible to live in a world without negative integers?

No. Inventory and engineering work need negative numbers to measure. Also, how can we measure the temperature if it's freezing cold without negative numbers? Integers are needed for calculations and measurements in this world.

Which civilization discovered negative numbers?

Negative numbers do not show up much in the real world unless someone is trying to figure out a problem. The numbers were first discovered by the Indian civilization.

What do negative numbers represent in real world situations?

Loss or negative growth, mostly in economic matters temperature

How can you use negative numbers to represent real-world problems?

An overdrawn balance on your bank account is a negative number !

What were Indian civilization's contribution to the world?

maqthematics the idea of Zero and negative numbers

What are some examples of negative numbers in daily life?

There are lots of situations in the real world in which there are opposites, which can conveniently be expressed with positive/negative numbers. Here are some examples:Having money (positive), having a debt (negative)Getting a profit (positive) or a loss (negative) with a business ventureAn altitude above (positive) or below (negative) sea levelGaining points or losing points in a gameMoving in one direction or in the opposite direction. In this case, it is quite arbitrary which direction is chosen as positive.

What are some of the everyday uses of negative numbers?

Temperature in cold areas are negative. Below sea level is negative altitude. Degrees left on the world coordinates.

Why do we need to know negative numbers We don't use them in the real world?

Sometimes those negative numbers are used like when reading the temperature from the thermometer and it's below 0°C

What are some negative numbers you use in the real world?

1) Temperature below zero degrees is denoted by a negative number. 2) In business, profit is shown as positive and loss as negative

Where do you se negative numbers in the real world?

cool boxesfreezerscar displaycentral heating dialswinter weather forecast