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Lines, curves, planes, solid shapes are some.

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2012-05-29 09:59:30
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Q: What are some things that intersect?
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Whats are things that intersecting?

Things that intersect are things that meet at a particular point.

Do Two planes always intersect in a line?

Some planes are parallel and don't intersect at all. Those that do intersect (and that are not coincident, i.e. the same plane) intersect in a line.

Can the lines of a plane intersect?

All non-parallel lines in a plane will intersect at some point in the plane.

Two collinear rays that do not intersect?

Two collinear rays that do not intersect are called parallel rays. This will only occur for a short time, however, because they will intersect at some point.

What is true about nonparallel lines?

they intersect at some point

Will non parallel lines intersect?

If the 2 lines lie in the same plane, and they are not parallel, then they will intersect at some point. If the 2 lines are skew lines, then they are not in the same plane, and they will not intersect (but they are Not Parallel)

What is a sentence for intersect?

To intersect means to come together. Here are some sentences.Your path and mine will intersect sometime in the future.Those two roads intersect at the foot of the mountain.Their fates intersect.The north-south highway intersected the east-west highway on the western edge of Toronto.The trains run at different times because their tracks intersect.

Do parallel intersect?

no they are straight lines that never intersect, intersecting lines intersect.

Does a rectangle bisect or intersect?


What if demand and supply don't intersect?

If demand and supply don't intersect on the positive quadrant of the graph, then producing and selling the product isn't feasible. There are things that can adjust the two lines so that they do intersect on the positive quadrant, such as lowering the cost of production to better facilitate supply.

Is it that if two different circles intersect then they intersect at one and only one point?

If two circles intersect then they have to intersect at two points.

What is the meaning of the word intersect?

The word "intersect" has 2 meanings. It can mean divide something by passing or lying across it. It can also mean two or more things passing or lying across each other.

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