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Na+ and Cl- are spectator ions.

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Q: What are spectator ions in Na plus plus OH- plus Cl- H2O plus Na plus plus Cl?
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What is NaCl plus H2O?

NaCl is salt and H2O is water NaCl + H2O → Na (ions) + Cl (ions) + H2O usually when writing the equation you can omit the H2O and just have: NaCl → Na+ + Cl-

H plus Cl- plus Na plus OH- Na plus Cl- plus H2O is?

Hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide yield salt and water H+ + Cl- + Na+ + OH- --> Na+ + Cl- + H2OComment:In solutions you better leave unchanged ions ( Cl- and Na+) out of the balanced equation: called to be 'tribune ions' (people on the tribune don't take part in the 'match'):H+ + OH- --> H2O This looks simpler than: H+ + Cl - + Na + + OH- --> Na + + Cl - + H2O

What are the spectator ions in 2h plus so4?

Na+ and Cl-

What are the spectator ions in the reaction 2KOH(aq) H2SO4(aq) 2H2O(l) K2SO4(aq)?

K+ and NO3- because KOH + HNO3 (yields) H2O + KNO3

Folmula for sodium hydroxide plus hydrochloric acid -- sodium chloride plus water?

Traditionally, if this reaction is taking place in solution, instead of writing NaOH + HCl --> NaCl + H2O you would write OH- + H+ --> H2O because when the compounds are in the presence of water, they do not actually attach to each other. NaOH becomes Na+ and OH- ions, and Na+ will not attach to anything else in water. Similarly, HCl becomes H+ and Cl- ions, and Cl- will not attach to Na+ in water. (Think about salt in water; it dissolves). Na+ and Cl- are called "spectator ions" because they do not participate in the reaction. They are just floating around in the beaker, so scientists do not include them in the final equation. What is left is OH- and H+ ions which makes H2O.

What are the resulting spectator ions when aqueous solutions of Rb2O and CaCl2 are added together?

Rb+ and Cl−

What are the most likely particles present in Na Cl solutions and in sucrose solutions?

In water? If so - salt solution - the fllowing hydrated ions - H+, OH-, Na+, Cl- plus molecular H2O. Sugar solution - hydrated sugar molecules, molecular H2O and H+ and OH- hydrated ions

What happens when Na Cl goes in water?

Na+( ion) + Cl- ( ion) + H2O It gets dissociated into ions.

What ions are produced when KCl dissolved in H2O?

The cation,K +and the anion,Cl -

When acids desolve in water what do they produce?

HCl + H2O = H3O+1 + Cl-1 Hydronium ions and Chloride ions

Ions formed from Na plus and Cl- are?

Na+ + Cl- --> NaCl NaCl = salt.

What is the equation for lithium chloride in water?

Ionic compounds will dissociate completely as ions in water: LiCl (s) ---> Li+(aq) + Cl-(aq)