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Standard English diphthongs


diaphoneme RP (British) Australian North American

low //oʊ// [əʊ̯]

loud //aʊ// [aʊ̯]

lout [ʌʊ̯]

lied //aɪ// [aɪ̯]

light [ʌɪ̯]

lay //eɪ// [eɪ̯]

loin //ɔɪ// [ɔɪ̯]

loon /uː/[ʊu̯]

lean /iː/ [ɪi̯]

leer //ɪər// [ɪə̯]

lair //ɛər// [ɛə̯]

lure //ʊər// [ʊə̯]

First symbol is the English diaphoneme, the second symbol is the British Received Pronunciation.

These do NOT include Australian north North American pronunciations.

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Q: What are the eight English dighthongs?
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