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Q: What are the six-digit grid coordinates for spot elevation 210?
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What are the six-digit grid coordinates for spot elevation 192?

We would need to see the map used for that question to determine the grid coordinates. Locate the hill on the map marked as 192. Now look to the left for the first grid line you come to. Mentally divide the grid square into 100 lines, and approximate or measure to the right. If the grid line is 47, and hill 192 is in the middle between grid line 47 and 48, the coordinate would be 750. Now do the same with the elevation line below hill 193. Measure the 1/100th level up from that line to the next. If the line is 14, and it is half way up, it would be 450. The entire 6-digit coordinate in that example would be 750450.

Cartographers use what to show the elevation of landforms?

Contour lines and spot elevation labels.

What are two numbers that name a specific spot on a graph?


What Indicates the elevation on a map?

A contour line or a spot height.

A spot elevation of 1237 feet is shown on a topographic map If the contour interval of themap is 20 feet what is the value of the first contour line below the spot elevation?

1220 ft

What word means the exact spot at which a place is found on the globe?

the coordinates

Any particular geographical spot on the earth?

Any particular geographical spot on the earth can be located by its longitude and latitude coordinates.

What is the elevation of Mystery Spot Santa Cruz?

341.2 feet above sea level

What are the coordinates of the Hawaii hot spot?

There are not exact coordinates as the hot spot covers a large area. However, it appears to be centered under the eastern part of the Big Island, so a decent approximation would be 19.3° N 155.3° W

Define relatives and absolute location?

Relative location is when a spot is found by using landmarks around the spot. Absolute location is the exact coordinates of the place in question.

How do windmills distribute electricity to the community?

Windmills generate electricity on the spot. This electricity is then cabled into the closest grid.

Which bat is better Triton bat vs exogrid bat?

I have an exo grid and a Triton the exo grid has more pop but the Triton has a bigger sweet spot so u wont pop out as much with the Triton