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If there are three numbers and there is a mode, then that must mean that two of the numbers are identical. In this case it is five. So we have two of our numbers:

5 5 _

To get a mean (average) of eight from three numbers, simply multiply eight by three, then subtract the two other scores to get the score required. In this case, it is 14:

(5 + 5 + 14 = 24) (24 / 3 = 8)

5 5 14


5 is the most common.

5 + 5 + 14 = 24

24 / 3= 8.

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Q: What are the three numbers if the mode is 5 and the mean is 8?
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the mean of five numbers is 6 and the mode is 7 what are the numbers

There are 5 single digit number there mean median and mode are the same what are the numbers?

They could all be the same number, e.g. 55555 (mean=median=mode=5) or they could be three numbers the same, with an equal space between the first two and the last two, e.g. 24446 (mean=median=mode=4). For the mode to be well-defined, some of the numbers have to be the same.

What 3 numbers have a mode of 5 and a mean of 7?

(5, 5, 11)

What does 'mean' and 'mode' mean in maths terms?

The mode is the most common number in a list of numbers. If two numbers are tied then there is two modes. If there is no number occurring the most then there is 'no mode'. The mean of a set of numbers is found by adding up all the numbers and then dividing by how many number there are. E.g consider the set of numbers: 4, 5, 5, 10. The mode is the most common number which is 5. The mean is found by (4 + 5 + 5 + 10) / 4 = 24/4 = 6.

What are mean median and mode for the following numbers 10 8 64 5?

The mean is 6.6. The median is 6. There is no mode.

What 3 numbers have a mode of 5 and a mean of 8?

5,5, and 14

Find 5 numbers that have the same Mean Median and Mode?


What four numbers have the mode of 4 and mean of 5?

(4, 4, 5, 7)

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all the answers is 5 in this question mode is=5 media=5 mean=5

What are Differences between mean and mode?

Mean is the average of a set of numbers, mode is the number that occurs the most. __________________________________________________________________ Here is an example of finding a mean: Say these were your numbers..... 1, 1, 1, 2, 5 You add up your numbers and then you'd get 10. Then you have to divide by how many numbers there are. In this case there are 5 numbers so divide 10 by 5 and you get your answer, 2. ___________________________________________________________________ And here is how to find the mode..... Say you had the same numbers, (1,1,1,2,5) then you'd say that 1 was your mode because it appears the MOST.

5 numbers whose mean median and mode are all 7?


What are the mean median mode and range of the following 5 numbers 45 96 34 45 50?

mean = 270 divided by 5 = 54 median = 45 mode = 45

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