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they are volum,varaety,variation and visibility.

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Q: What are the types of Operations in operations management?
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What types of duties are involved in operations management jobs?

An operations management job has many types of duties they must attend to. One type is planning and coordinating operations for certain companies. Also, they may be in charge of overseeing administrative activities.

Where can I get operations management courses?

The Institute of Operations Management Level 3 course is aimed at those who are new to the operations management and supply chain management profession, or those who are already employed in operations management wishing to gain a formal qualification in the subject. The IOM Certificate in Operations Management provides educational support for industry with this general coverage of Operations Management and its role in supply chain management.

How do you virtual enterprises affect to the operations management?

how to affect virtual enterprises to operations management?

Operations management has assumed great significance in modern industries explain. What are the various function of operations manager?

Explain the significations of Operations management?

What is the Role of people in operations management?

People in operations management are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organization. They ensure that their subordinates get things done.

When was Association for Convention Operations Management created?

Association for Convention Operations Management was created in 1988.

What has the author Jay H Heizer written?

Jay H. Heizer has written: 'Additional problems and exercises [for] Operations management, sixth edition [and] Principles of operations management' -- subject(s): Problems, exercises, Problems, exercises, etc, Production management 'Operations management' -- subject(s): Production management 'Principles of operations management' -- subject(s): Production management 'Operations management' -- subject(s): Production management

Does operations and supply management involve portfolio management?

If I had to guess I think operations and supply management would NOT involve Portfolio Management

Where can I take operations management courses ?

Their are a lot of offers on the internet on where to take operations management courses. I was seeing this website called "" at the Walden University and they are offering PhD's in Operations management.

How do you explain why operations management has assumed great significance in modern industries?

Explain the significations of Operations management?

What is the relationship between supply chain management and operation management?

operations management focuses on on quality dimensions which require knowldge of operations management

Why production management is called operations management?

Operations managemeent is to direct, plan, and coordinate different activities of manaufacturing or service operations. As Production management involve planning, organizing,directing and coordinating various activities to produce final product or service; it is called operations management as well.