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Standard deviation has the same unit as the data set unit.

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Q: What are the units of measurement of standard deviation?
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Why is the standard deviation used more frequently than the variance?

The standard deviation has the same measurement units as the variable and is, therefore, more easily comprehended.

Do units of measure follow the standard deviation?

Units of measure do follow the standard deviation.

Which type of measure of dispersion is mostly used standard deviation or variance?

They are effectively the same but the standard deviation is more popular because the units of measurement are the same as those for the variable.

What is the standard deviation of 1.6 kilometers?

One can't associate a standard deviation with a single measurement like this.

What is the standard measurement of birth rate?


What is the global standard for measurement?

SI units

How many standard deviations a measurement is away from the mean?

The answer depends on the individual measurement in question as well as the mean and standard deviation of the data set.

What is a statistical measurement that describes the variation of a data set called?

Standard Deviation

What do you mean when you say that the coefficient of variation has no units?

Suppose the mean of a sample is 1.72 metres, and the standard deviation of the sample is 3.44 metres. (Notice that the sample mean and the standard deviation will always have the same units.) Then the coefficient of variation will be 1.72 metres / 3.44 metres = 0.5. The units in the mean and standard deviation 'cancel out'-always.

Why there is need of standard units of measurement?

Standard units is the international system of units that IS WHY we use the si unit system .

Why are units of measurement useful?

Units of measurement provide a standard to measure mass, length etc.So, it is useful.

In statistics what shows how far away a measurement is from the mean or average of the set?

The "z-score" is derived by subtracting the population mean from the measurement and dividing by the population standard deviation. It measures how many standard deviations the measurement is above or below the mean. If the population mean and standard deviation are unknown the "t-distribution" can be used instead using the sample mean and sample deviation.

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