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18and 8 ang 5

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Q: What are three equivalent fractions for four ninths?
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What is an equivalent fraction for two ninths?

Equivalent fractions for two ninths are, four eighteenths or six twenty sevenths. Hope I helped.

What are three fractions between four ninths and seven ninths?

1/2, 5/9, 2/3

What is four equivalent fractions for seven ninths?

14/18, 21/27, 28/36, 35/45

Are three eight and three four equivalent fractions?

3/8 and 3/4 are not equivalent fractions

Is three ninths equivalent to four twelves?

i don'tknow ask your mom

What are equivalent fractions for four ninths?

Some examples of equivalent fractions for 4/9 are 8/18, 12/27, 16/36 Multiplying the numerator and denominator of the fraction by the same integer will give any equivalent fraction you wish.

What is three tmes four ninths?

3 times four ninths is 12 ninths

Is three ninths bigger than four ninths?


Michelle split a circle into 6 equal parts and shaded 5 parts. Thresa split a congruent circle into 9 equal parts and shaded 8 parts. Do the two circles show equivalent fractions?

Two-sixths = three-ninths and four-sixths = six-ninths

What is larger -0.2 four ninths negative three fourths or 0.43?

Four ninths.

Why does denominator stay the same when you add fractions?

When you add three of something to four of something, you get seven of something. It doesn't matter what the somethings are. Think of ninths as somethings. If you add three ninths and four ninths, you have to wind up with seven ninths. You can't wind up with seven eighteenths, because you weren't adding eighteenths to begin with.

What are the three fractions equivalent to four fifths?

There are a infinite number of fractions that can be equivalent to four fifths. 8/10, 12/15, 16/20, 20/25 etc.