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Exchange Virtual Server is a clustered Exchange

installation. When Exchange is installed on a Windows

Server 2003 cluster,

it is configured as an Exchange Virtual Server that can be

passed between cluster nodes transparently to Exchange


1. SMTP Virtual Server, 2. HTTP Virtual Server, 3.POP3

Virtual Server, 4. IMAP4 Virtual Server and so on

To access a network application or resource in a

nonclustered environment, network clients must connect to a

physical server (that is, a specific computer on the

network identified by a unique network name and internet

protocol (IP) address). If that server fails, access to the

application or resource is impossible.

Through server clusters, Windows Server 2003, Enterprise

Edition and Windows Server 2003, Datacenter Edition enable

the creation of virtual servers. Unlike a physical server,

a virtual server is not associated with a specific computer

and can be failed over like a group. If the node hosting

the virtual server fails, clients can still access its

resources using the same server name.

A virtual server is a group that contains:

A Network Name resource.

An IP Address resource.

All other resources, including applications, to be accessed

by the clients of the virtual server.

Other virtual servers.

exchange server uses protocol virtual server

1.smtp virtual server

2.imap virtual server

3.http virtual server

4.pop3 virtual server

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Q: What are virtual servers When would you use more than one?
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