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Fit in your pocket

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Q: What can calculators do that computers cant do?
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Why do people prefer computers to calculators?

Because computers can do more than calculators.

Were computers developed from primitive calculators?


Are mechanical calculators classified as computers and are they universal Turing machines?

No, and no.

Were there computers and video games in 1965?

There were large mainframe computers and primitive video games. Calculators were in their infancy.

What things inside your house use negative numbers?

computers, calculators

What element is shiny silvery metal used in computers and calculators?


How were computers used in 1960s?

Computers in the 1960's were generally used as gigantic calculators. Calculators were just being introduced in the early 1970's so these 'computers' were used to add mathematical equations, but they were very slow and were about the size of a warehouse!

In what way do computers think?

They don't think at all, actually. They do math. Computers are just simply fancy calculators.

Why do computers and calculators utilize the base 2?

Computers and calculators utilize the base 2 because it is easier to program binary numbers (base 2) into the computer than decimal numbers (base 10).

What are two basic types of computer?

Two basic types of computers are calculators and stopwatches.

Why are you so useless and mathematically inept?

Because computers, iPhones, and calculators do everything for us

What is the different between calculators and computers?

A calculator is itself a computer. It is designed for a specific task and that is all it can do. Things like washing machines are computers, but are again designed to do a specific task. What we usually refer to as computers have the capabilities to do many different things. That is what makes them different to things like calculators.

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