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9 dimes

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2011-04-26 19:04:52
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Q: What coins are needed to make 90 cent?
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How do you make 90 cents out of 4 coins?

one fifty-cent piece one quarter one dime one nickel

Vulue of 50 cents coin collection 24 coins?

If it is a collection of 50 cent coins, it could be worth a lot, or not that much. It depends on the dates of the coins and the condition. 50 cent coins from before 1965 are worth more because they are 90% silver.

If I have 3.5 grams at 90 percent how many grams to add to make that 40 percent?

You cannot add to 90 per cent to make a smaller percentage.

Which coins were made of silver?

Prior to 1965, the dime, quarter, half-dollar and dollar coins were all 90% silver. During WWII, nickels were minted with 35% silver but returned to our current composition after the war ended. The 20 cent piece and some 3 cent pieces were also minted in silver but those coins ended production long ago.

What is 10 per cent more than 90?

10 per cent more than 90 is 99.

How many yards of fabric are needed to make a 90 by 156 inch table cloth?

90 by 156 will make how many yards of table cloth for a rectangular

What are two ways to make 92 cents with coins?

Many countries use cents in their currency and the answer will depend on which currency you are talking about. That will determine the denominations of coins that are available. In the US, the simplest is 3 quarters, 1 dime, 1 nickel, and 2 pennies (7 coins) or 9 dimes and 2 pennies (11 coins). If you have 20-cent coins, 4 of those, 1 10-cent, and 2 cents (pence).

How do you make 19 coins equal a dollar using ony two different kind of coins?

One Dime Eighteen Nickels 1x10=10 18x5=90 10+90=100

How can you tell if your quarters from the 40s are silver?

US quarters (25 cent coins) were 90% silver through 1964, changing to a cupro-nickel clad composition in 1965.

What miter is needed to make a 42 degree angle?


if you had 40 coins you had a 90 coins how much will it be togethrere?


19 coins only two types and make a dollar?

18 nickels and 1 dime 18x5=90 and 90+10=100=$1.00

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