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The British pound (symbol: '£', code: 'GBP') is used in the United Kingdom and most of its overseas territories.

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Q: What countries use the pounds?
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What countries use pounds for weight?

The USA is the only country which still uses pounds for weight.

How much is 10 pounds in Swiss franks?

You would have to identify which country the pounds are from first. Many countries use pounds.

Is a kilogram greater then pounds?

Yes; about 2.2 pounds. (Actually, different countries use different values for the pound.)

How do you convert pounds to European measure?

Divide the pounds by 2.204623 (= approx 2.205). It is not just a European measure but an International one. All developed countries and most developing countries use the SI system. The countries that still use pounds mainly are the US, Burma, Liberia and some Caribbean islands.

What countries use kilograms instead of pounds?

All of them except the USA.

What countries use pounds instead of kilograms?

The only country which still measures weight in pounds instead of Kilograms is the USA.

How much is 30 pounds of change?

It could be GBP30.00 (thirty pounds Sterling) although there are many other countries that also use pounds as their unit of currency.

How are the si units standaRdised?

That means that if two different scientists use SI units, they will use the SAME definition of the units, even if they live in different countries. In contrast, if they use "pounds" for example, this isn't the case, since different countries may use different definitions of pounds.

Which country does not use pounds as its currency?

This is a negative question. There are hundreds of countries which do not use the pound as currency, too many to list here. Try looking up:What countries use the pound for currency

Can you use Isle of Man currency in the UK?

Both countries use the pound as their currency but generally you can't use Manx pounds in the UK but you can often exchange them at banks for free. UK pounds can be used in Isle of Man however.

What are the customary units for measuring mass?

Gramm (g) Weird countries sometimes use other units such as ounces or pounds.

Would you weigh a person in kilograms or grams?

Probably use kilograms, they're bigger than pounds. Most other countries use kilograms. Example: I weigh 120 pounds, which means I also weigh 54 kilograms.

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