What do you call a 10 year old person?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Probably a decadent because a decade is a period of 10 years

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Q: What do you call a 10 year old person?
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How do you get a 10 year old to kiss a 8 year old?

well make urself noticeable to the 10 year old u cant really make it happen it will if the 10 year old likes u. If that person likes you, it will kind of be hard anyway, because sometimes 10 year olds are kind of picky.

Can a 10 year old walk a dog?

Yes a 10 year old person can dog walk with a guardian or someone behind He/She.

If you are 9 years old and your smart and this 10 year old boy is not that smart and the 10 year old call me little what should i do?

you should say age is just a number and I'm smarter than you

What do you call a sheep that is 9-10 months old?

A sheep less than a year old is called a lamb.

How can a 10-12 year old earn money?

They can do yardwork for a person they know.

Can 10 to 14 year old's see ghosts?

Some can. It depends on the person.

Is it normal behavior for a 91 yr old male to call and give gifts to and be very affectionate with a 10 year old girl?

Assuming that there is no family ties involved it is very wrong. A 91 year old man should not be calling or giving gifts to a 10 year old unless he is a relative.

Will matty b date 10 year olds?

No. A person 10 years old can not date. They are children, minors, and underage.

How can you make a 10 year old boy fancy a 10 year old boy?

You cant 'make' someone like another person. It all depends on how they feel, nobody can and should force you to do anything.

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Maybe. It depends on who you are and if you are a good person.

What year was a 10 year old born in?

10 year old was born in 2000.