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A fruit salad?

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Q: What do you get if you add 2 bananas to 3 apples?
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What can you do to make learning algebra easier?

Sometimes you can think of things instead of letters, for example...3a + 2a = ?If that was 3 apples plus 2 apples equals ... ? then you could do it, right?3 apples + 2 apples = 5 apples3a + 2a = 5aAnd the same with MINUS...10b - 7b = ?10 bananas - 7 bananas = 3 bananas10b - 7b = 3bOf course, you can't add bananas and apples, you have to count them separately, so...3a + 4b + 7a - 2b= 3 apples + 4 bananas + 7 apples - 2 banana= 10 apples + 2 bananas= 10a +2b(You can't add these two together)After that it gets more complicated...

How many bananas do you have if There are 4 apples 3 bananas and 2 oranges on the table you take one apple and banana and all of the oranges?

2 bananas. you also have 3 apples

If 3 apples add 2 bananas equals 54p and if 3 apples plus 2 banana equals 33p what is a cost of an apple and a banana?

The question is incorrect; it says that the same products (3 apples + 2 bananas) cost both 54p AND 33p. Unless of course one lot are organic then it makes complete sense.

If there were 5 oranges 5 apples 3 bananas and 2 grapefruit what percent were bananas?

20 Percent are bananas.

The sum of 2 and 3?

2 + 3 = 5. If you have 2 apples and add 3 more apples, you will have 5 apples.

A drawing shows 4 apples and 6 bananas Which is the ratio of bananas to apples?

total number of bananas : (is to) total number of applestherefore: 6:4Simplified is 3:2

What is 2a plus 3b plus 4a?

Think of 2 apples + 3 bananas + 4 apples.What can be added together?6 apples + 3 bananas6a+3b

What is 3 famous foods in Australia?

Apples, bananas, and pineapple

'How many bananas do you have if there are 4 apples 3 bananas and 2 oranges on the table you take one apple and banana and all of the oranges?

If there were three bananas, and you've taken one banana, then there are two bananas left.

How are apples and bananas alike?

1 they both are a fruit 2 they both are healthy 3 they both grow on trees

Who sings apples and Bananas?

Barney. <3 Hope it helps! [Bananamaker]

If you have 3 apples and take away 2 apples how many apples do you have?

2 apples because if WE TAKE 2 apples then WE HAVE 3 apples.

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