What does 'y is a function of x' mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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y and x are a example,like so: The mother board is the function of a computer

the mother board is the Y and A computer is the x

you replace y and x with something else its like filling the blanks

what does _____ have to do with _____=

what does Y have to do with X=

what does time have to do with space

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Q: What does 'y is a function of x' mean?
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What does function of x mean?

A function of x means that the answers depends on the value of x that is substituted into the function. For example: y = x + 1 If x = 1, y = 2 If x = 2, y = 3 and so on.

Is x plus y18 a function?

If you mean x + y = 18 then it is the function of a straight line

Is this a function y equals x?

Yes, y =5 is a constant function. Meaning that for any value of x (in the domain), the value of the function (y) is 5. The graph would be a horizontal line five units above, but parallel to, the x-axis. Another answer: The above comments are only valid if we specify that x is just some constant. In general, however, when we refer to the function y=f(x)=x we do not mean a constant function, but rather a diagonal line running through the origin. The function would be a constant function if it were y=f(x)=c for some c, but normally when we write y=x we mean that the value of y is the value of x, and hence y changes as x changes.

What is the function of a ratio?

The function is f(x, y) = x/y where x, y are real, and y ≠ 0

Is x equals y a function?

y = x This is a line and a function. Function values are y values.

How do you make y a function of x?

You have Y and you have X. F=function. Y is already a function of X because here's another way you write Y: F(X). So instead of putting Y you out F(X) which meanf "F or X" or "function of X".

What is a binary function?

A binary function is a function f if there exists sets X, Y, and Z, such that f:X x Y -> Z where X x Y is the cartesian product of X and Y.

What does function of x equals function of -x mean?

It means that the value of the function at any point "x" is the same as the value of the function at the negative of "x". The graph of the function is thus symmetrical around the y-axis. Examples of such functions are the absolute value, the cosine function, and the function defined by y = x2.

What is implicit differentiation?

implicit function/? an equation the function(x,y)=0 defines y implicitly as a function of x the domain of that implicitiy defines function consists of those x for which there is a unique y such that the function (x,y)=0

Is x a function of y or is y a function of x?

Either - or both - can be true.

Does the equation x plus y equals 41 define y as a function of x?

Both. If you look at it like this: y=41-x you say x is independent and y is dependent of x (i.e. y is a function of x) For x=41-y you say y is independent and x is dependent of y (i.e. x is a function of y)

What notation represents a function as f x instead of y?

'Y' is a function 'f' of 'x': Y = f(x) . 'Z' is a function 'g' of 'y': Z = g [ f(x) ] .