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2 tens and 13 ones add up to 33 because 10 +10 +13 = 33.

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Q: What does 2 tens and 13 ones add up to?
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Is 7 tens and 2 ones are equal?

They add up to 72

What is the number if its ones digit is 4 more than its tens digit and its ones and tens digit add up to ten?

The answer would be 37.

How many two digit numbers are there in which the tens digit is greater then the ones digit?

The answer depends on what the tens digit is greater than, and what the ones digit does then.

What is a number that has the same amount of ones tens and hundreds and adds up to 24 what is the number?

Assuming that "adds up to" means "its digits add up to" 888

What is 3994 rounded to the nearest 100?


How you write the standard form of 5 thousands 2 tens 4 ones 4 thousands 3 hundred 2 ones?

Add together the like terms. 5 thousands and 4 thousands makes 9 thousands. 3 hundred is a given. 2 tens is a given. 4 ones and 2 ones is 6 ones. You end up with: 9 thousand, 3 hundred, 2 tens, 6 ones. Just write down the numbers in order. "9326"

What number has 2 in the tens place and digits add to 5?


What number is made up of 5 tens 1 ones and 9 hundred?


What is 657 to the nearest 10?

660. remember when rounding to the nearest ten your lowest non zero number will be in the tens place and you will look at the ones place to decide whether or not to round up. If the ones place is 5 or above, round up in the tens place. If the ones place is 0-4 keep the remaining tens place number.

How would you actually add together 14 19 28 and 49 using only Roman numerals?

Roman numerals are not appropriate for doing even simple operations such as an addition. Pressumably, the ancient Romans had to use some other system, or perhaps an abacus, to do the actual addition. You can try using basically the same system you use for Arabic (i.e., our standard) numbers: add the ones and ten places separately; for the ones place in the result, split it up into tens and ones, and add the tens to the other part of the result.

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