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It means, that the numbers of the data about to be put on starts somewhere usually higher than 0 so the jagged line represents the number not needed or used.

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Q: What does a jagged line on a graph mean?
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Is kink and a jagged line same in a graph?

No. A jagged line implies several kinks.

What is the name of the jagged line in a graph scale?

A jagged line on a graph's axis, or the scale, is called a break and represents a 'skip' in the scaling to higher values.

What does jagged lines on a time line mean?

In a timeline what does a jagged line mean

What is data point on graph mean?

line graph

Why isnt it necessary for all of the data points to be on the drawn line of the graph?

The line of a graph is quite often used to indicate the average of various data points that fall both above and below the line. Very jagged lines get smoothed out, but the trend is the same.

In a time line what does jagged line mean?

Because it is just a place in time that nothing relative happens

What does a mode mean on a line graph?

it means what you see the most on the graph

What is the name of a line on a graph?

you mean line of best fit?

What does it mean when a line graph is a horizontal line?

It means that the function is constant.

What does it mean when there is a curved line going upwards on a graph?

When there is a curved line going upwards on a graph it means the distance is increasing

How do you multiply and divide on a line graph?

line graph x line graph = divided line graph

What does the dash light with the jagged bottom and a line going up on each side with an exclamation mark mean?

The jagged line is th symbol for water. So it probably means check the fluid level. This may mean coolant or washer fluid. You need an owner's manual.