What does a speed time graph show?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The acceleration of an object.

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Q: What does a speed time graph show?
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Does a horizontal line on a speed time graph show constant speed?


When you graph speed time is on what axis?

It depends what you wish to show.

What does the line on a speed or time graph show?

The shape and slope of the line on a graph illustrates the qualitative and quantitative relationship between the variables plotted on the axes of the graph. Sadly, there is no such graph as a "speed or time" one.

What does a speed time graph indicate about an object's motion?

A distance time graph would show the distance traveled.

How do you show speed on a graph?

Speed can be shown on a graph by plotting time on the x-axis and speed on the y-axis. The speed-time graph will display how the speed of an object changes over time. A steeper slope represents a faster speed, while a horizontal line indicates a constant speed.

What motion does a steep slope on a distance time graph show?

Steep slope on a distance/time graph indicates high speed.

What is the type of graph used to show the speed of an object?

speed graph

How does a velocity-time graph show constant speed?

as a horizontal straight line

What would be the shape of speed time graph of a body moving with variable speed?

The shape of the speed-time graph for an object moving with variable speed would depend on how its speed changes over time. It could be linear if the speed changes at a constant rate (acceleration or deceleration), curved if the acceleration is not constant, or a combination of different shapes if the speed fluctuates.

What will the acceleration-time graph show if the speed is decelerating?

On a graph of acceleration vs. time, during deceleration the line is below zero. On a graph of speed vs. time, during deceleration the line has a negative slope (sloping downward from left to right).

On a graph of distance versus time what is constant speed shown by?

If the line formed by the graph is straight, the speed is constant. A horizontal line would show the object as stationary.

How do you find acceleration of a speed time graph?

To find acceleration from a speed-time graph, you need to calculate the slope of the speed-time graph. The slope at any point on the speed-time graph represents the acceleration at that specific time. If the speed-time graph is linear, then the acceleration will be constant. If the speed-time graph is curved, you can find the acceleration by calculating the slope of the tangent line at a specific point.