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The ratios are not equal.

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Q: What does it mean if the cross products of two ratios are not equal?
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What does it mean when two ratios form a proportion?

When two ratios form a proportion, the ratios are equal

What does it mean when the terms in a ratio are equal?

equivalent ratios

What does an sign with a cross through it mean?

not equal to

What does it mean for ratios to be proportional?

Two ratios, a:b and c:d are proportional if there is some number x such that a = cx and b = dx. Equivalently, if ad = bc (each is equal to cdx).

What is equivalent ratios mean?

ratios that r the same

How many line of a symmetry does a cross have?

If you mean a cross, such as the christ cross, quite simply one. However, if you mean a cross, similar to an x with equal length sides, the answer is two.

What does proportion mean in math?

A proportion is an equation that states the two ratios are equal ie: a/b = c/d

What does equivalent ratios mean?

Ratios that name the same comparisons

What do cross products mean?

In a problem dealing with ratios, the cross produces are the product of the means, and the product of the extremes. These products are eauakl ro each other. Ratios can be written different ways. a:b :: c:d the means are the ones closest together (in the middle) their product is bc the extremes are ones fartherest apart (rt and left ends) their product is ad so .... bc = ad Ratios can also be written as fractions. a / b = c / d so bc = ad (same thing) Ex: if 3/x = 21/9 solve by using cross products 21x = 3(9) 21x = 27 x = 27 / 21 x = 1 and 2/7 or in decimal form 1.286 (rounded) There is also a cross product of vectors if you are studying them. If 2 vectors, a and b, are acting at some angle C to each other then their cross product is a x b = a b sin C , where a is the magnitude of vector a, similarly for b a x b is read as the cross product of vectors a and b, or just shortened to a cross b

What does conserving mass mean in a chemical equation?

The meaning is that the mass of reactants is equal to the mass of products.

Do different mass ratios mean different compounds?


What does if 'w' is to 'y' mean?

It is a part of an expression related to ratios.

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