What does the expression get bent mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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To get drunk or stoned

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Q: What does the expression get bent mean?
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What does the expression Hell Bent for Election mean?

The phrase "hell bent for" is an exclamation used to mean "extremely." It refers to the idea that the person will go to hell in order to achieve their goals. "Hell bent for election" means that they are willing to do anything to get elected. There is another common phrase, "hell bent for leather," which means that they are in such a hurry that they will do whatever it takes to reach their destination.

What does the sarcastic expression 'bite me' mean?

It's basically rude and means bite my a**. The sarcastic expression 'bite me' means the same as get bent, get lost. Politely you could say, "Please leave me alone."

What does bent in slang mean?

Typically, "bent" is used as an insult as in "get bent." The phrase "get bent" means "get bent over," in other words, "screw you."

What does the idiom get out of bent mean?

It is bent out of shape. It means that someting isn't what it should be. A person bent out of shape is reacting badly to a situation.

What does concave mean?

bent or curved inwards

How do you spell you are the sun of my light in dutch?

Je bent de zon van mijn licht. Although a more common expression is Je bent de zon in mijn leven. meaning You are the sun in my life.

What does it mean if you get called Bent?

Usually getting bent means getting drunk or stoned. In the UK being called Bent is slang for being called Gay !

What does it mean to evalutate the expression?

Replace each variable in the expression by its value and then find the value of the expression.

Is a Mercedes bent a car?

No, the car would be called a "Mercedes Benz" - 'bent' would mean that it had been in an accident.

What does Bent out of shape mean?

It means out of sorts, in a bad mood. The image is of you being bent out of your normal shape or mood.

What does it mean when you got two bent pinky fingers?

It usully means that of wich you are indian,they were bent,or royal family.

You mean the world to me?

This expression means " You mean everything in the whole world to me. " A very romantic expression of love.