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Q: What doesn't fit 1 Rectangle 2 Square 3 Circle 4 Parallelogram?
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What does a rhombus have that a parallelogram doesn't?

ei .. rhombus is just a square that is slanted .. while parallelogram is a slanted rectangle .. parallelogram has length and width .. and it is not equal .. while rhombus has sides which are equal .. difference: rhombus has equal sides .. while the parallelogram doesnt have same sides ////

What is a shape that doesnt have equal sides?

Shapes that do not have equal sides is called a quadrilateral. They include an irregular quadrilateral, rectangle, or a parallelogram.

How does the shape of the egg cell help it?

The shape of the egg cell is rounded and provides structural stability for protection, as well as efficient nutrient absorption and movement in the female reproductive system during fertilization. This shape also supports the process of fertilization and provides space for the genetic material and organelles needed for development.

Are a square and rectangle the same thing?

yes and no. both are quadrilaterals and polygons,but a square has all equal sides while a rectagle doesnt have all equal sides only opposite sides are equal.

What has 4 congruent sides 2 perpendicular congruent diagonals and 4 right angles?

The quadrilateral that meets these criteria is a parallelogram: both pairs of opposite sides are parallel. This implies that opposite sides are of equal length, opposite angles are equal, and the diagonals bisect each other. A general term including square, rectangle, rhombus and rhomboid.

In basketball what is the front?

it doesnt have a frount it is a circle

How many times do the sun circle the planet?

none the sun doesnt circle the planet planets circle the sun!!!

Is a trapezoids sometimes a rectangle?

no because a rectangled has to four right agnles which a trapazoid doesnt have

How does a parallelogram triangle look?

it just doesnt exist. parallelogram is a closed shape vth opposite sides parallel adjacent angle not 90 degree. triangle is closed shape vth 3 sides.

What is the only Scandinavian country the arctic circle doesnt cut through?


How do you prove a square has one right angle?

it doesnt

What is four sided polygons?

it doesnt have a name if it has the name is square